Group Menu Options

Note:  All group meals served at the Inn are served buffet style.  If all members of your party are having lunch at the Inn, you have the option of having your largest meal at midday, or of having your dessert at midday.  We offer your group alternate meal times and menu items but all  members must eat at the same time and eat the menu that your coordinator has submitted..  

We strive to serve both tasty and healthy foods.  Except for a few of the breakfasts meats, none of our dishes are fried.  We will also work with you on diet restrictions, as long as you let us know the restrictions when you choose your menu.  Since we are a long distance from supermarkets, your group must choose your menu at least 2 weeks ahead of reservation date.

Breakfast:  Served at your choice of 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 or 9:00.  Each breakfast is served with seasonal fruit, juice, milk, coffee, tea or hot cocoa.  In addition you can choose from one of the meat dishes, one of the egg dishes and one of the side dishes:

Meat Dish Options:  (1) ham, (2)bacon, (3)patty sausage, (4)sausage gravy (served with biscuits), (5)Italian sausage, (6)cod or sea bass, (7) savory quiche- vegetarian

Eggs:  (1)scrambled eggs, (2) baked eggs with cheese, (3) apple pancakes (egg custard baked with fresh apples), (4) savory quiche - vegetarian 

Side dishes: (1)apricot pecan scones, (2) waffles, (3) buckwheat pancakes, (4) oatmeal, (5)French toast, (6) banana muffins, (7) blue berry muffins, (8) biscuits

Lunch at the Inn: Served at your choice of 12:00, 12:30 or 1:00.  Lunch is served with coffee, tea or hot cocoa and one salad and one entree.   

Salad: (1)fruit salad,  (2)green salad, (3)oriental chicken salad, (4)shrimp pasta salad, (5)taco salad, (6) potato salad, (7) coleslaw, (8) potato salad

Entrees:  (1)French onion soup, (2)goulash soup, (3)seafood chowder; (4) split pea soup, (5)chicken enchiladas, (6)chicken salad served on a croissant, (7)sandwich bar with a variety of meats, cheeses and breads

Lunch packed to go:  juice, packaged cookies, apple and choice of  beef, ham or turkey sandwich.

Dinner:  Served at 5:30, 6:00 or 6:30.  Served with coffee, tea or hot cocoa and one vegetable, one side dish, one entree and one dessert.

Vegetable:  (1) green salad, (2) pea salad, (3) corn (4) green beans (5)  steamed carrots, (6) coleslaw, (7) steamed broccoli

Side dish:  (1) baked potatoes, (2) twice baked potatoes, (3) Spanish rice, (4) mashed potatoes - either garlic or with meat gravy if a meat entree is chosen, (5) orange glazed winter squash, (6) angel hair pasta, (7) potato salad, (8) baked beans, (9) steamed rice  (For low carbohydrate diets, the group can substitute another vegetable for the side dish.)

Entrees:  (1)shrimp scampi, (2)pecan crusted pork chop, (3) pork roast, (4) beef roast (5) herb baked chicken breasts, (6) savory brown rice casserole- vegetarian, (7) egg plant parmesan - vegetarian, 
(8) mushroom stuffed halibut with wine sauce, (9) lemon breaded sea bass, (10) chicken enchiladas, (11) pork ribs with BBQ sauce 

Desserts:  (1) grandma's tapioca pudding, (2) old fashioned bread pudding, (4) pineapple upside down cake,  (5) chocolate cream pie, (6) apple pie, (7) strawberry rhubarb cake, (8) strawberry short cake, (9) apple pancake with vanilla ice cream